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Unity: Tutorials, Games, Assets (Work in Progress).

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What is Unity

Unity is a game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Game engine is a software framework, which helps you to create video games. Unity is a modern cross-platform engine, also it is possible to create games for different platforms. As example: Windows, Android, Nintendo and many others. Unity is constantly updated and gets new features. In Unity there is Asset Store, where you can get various assets that will help you make games. The Community is nice and helpful.

How much does Unity cost

Unity Personal Edition is free and has no royality. It has all engine features. The games will have "Made with Unity" splash screen. Unity Personal edition can be used if revenue per year is lower as $100k.
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Unity tutorial: 2D Platformer (for beginners). Part 2.

Tutorial 5 icon This is the second part of the 2D platformer tutorial. The tutorial is about: basic AI, moving platform and parallax effect.

2D Icons: Potions and Scrolls

Asset 2D icons An asset in Unity Store. This package contains various 2D icons of potions and scrolls. You can use it in different games.

Unity tutorial: 2D Platformer (for beginners). Part 1.

Tutorial 4 icon This tutorial is about, how to make simple 2D platformer in Unity. Built-in physic2D will be used for this tutorial. Some basics about sprite sheet animation.

Unity tutorial: 2D Space Shooter (for beginners)

Tutorial 3 icon This tutorial is about, how to make simple 2D space shooter game in Unity. The tutorial is based on built-in physics 2D. The players ship will be controlled with mouse clicks.

Unity tutorial: C# scripts - basics (for beginners)

Tutorial 0 icon In this tutorial I am trying to explain about basics of C# scripts. You will see, how to access on the other components.

Unity tutorial: 2D Catch Game (for beginners). Part 2.

Tutorial 2 icon This tutorial is the second part for 2D catch game. Here we will add a simple UI and sounds to the scene, which was made in the first part of 2D catch game tutorial.

Unity tutorial: 2D Catch Game (for beginners). Part 1.

Tutorial 1 icon With this tutorial you can make basic prototyp for 2D catch game with Unity. The tutorial should be suitable for beginners. There is some C# code in this tutorial. It will be better, if you know at least some basics about C#. The tutorial is based on built-in physics 2D. You can see how to move gameobjects with Rigidbody2D and how to check collisions between Collider2D and Trigger .

2D Painted Village

Asset 2D village icon An asset in Unity Store. Most of the images from this asset were used in the game "VampLoveStory". With this package you can make background for 2D village (side scroller games) in Unity. The images are medieval art. We can try to add more images, if you are missing something.


KosmoPeng icon This is our second game made with Unity. This is a little 2D space shooter for android. This game has 21 missions. You are controlling a spaceship. Equip your ship with different weapons and destroy some small and big enemies.


VampLoveStory icon This is our first game made with Unity. It is side-scroller 2D game. I would like to ask you to be patient, because it is our first attemt to develope one game. An game, in which there is a vampire who wants to save his kidnapped bride. The game has 25 levels.
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